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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: are you going to come back for the second hour? >> melissa: i am, you bet. get some lunch and come back. >> jon: see you back here then. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alerts, awaiting comments from jared kushner, and possibly members of the senate intelligence committee after the closed-door questioning of the senior white house advisor. kushner will make comments in front of the white house this hour. we are just told brett he is now the highest ranking member of president trump's inter-circle to answer congresses comments about rushing meddling and collusion between moscow and donald trump campaign. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, post on "kennedy." kennedy. trish regan, and #oneluckyguy, the chief of the weekly standard. steve hayes is here. he is "outnumbered" on a busy morning. we are now awaiting comments
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from jared kushner after he comes out of the closed-door meeting. big news coming. >> steve: i expect that he will give us a short version of what he provide a publicly early by way of explaining some of his contacts and why he had not provided the context before. >> sandra: how did that match with his security clearance? >> steve: as of right now it does not match. but if it becomes more of a public issue, and -- >> sandra: releasing the information in drips and drops throughout the process. >> steve: you have heard republicans raising questions about this on capitol hill. and the more that we learn, if there are more drips and drops, the more problematic it is for him. because you have, certainly is a case that somebody lower ranking then jared kushner had made these kinds of omissions, they would be the kind of trouble that he appears at this point not to be. >> sandra: again, we are waiting comments now.
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we have confirmed that jared kushner will be making comments in the 12:00 hour to the media at the white house. okay, he could be walking out any moment now. so fair warning, we might jump in once we get that. this is a big deal. one of the highest ranking people within the president's inter-circle to hear from him after being questioned by lawmakers. what do you expect he will say? >> steve: it is interesting. on the one hand, for trump supporters an excellent explanation of the failures to disclose the information. he has provided a story that people, if you are a trumped to vendor, supporter, see, that explains it. for trump critics or skeptics, he has confirmed things in the reporting that we have seen emerge over the last several months that gives them something to say, hey, this raises additional questions. his meeting with sergey kissling act. >> harris: so, jared kushner has his own attorney.
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and full throated, if you have any questions for him, as his team, his attorney. he is not a white house person that they are going to defend. that's made very quickly men clear. but it is a problem for the white house, because he is close to their president. he has a son in law. it's not like it does not touch them. so the drip, drip, whatever you want to call it, the problem is that the information does coincide with what others were reporting. >> steve: i think in particular the meeting that he had with sergey kislyak that "the washington post" related that during kushner had separate communications at the russian embassy outside of u.s. intelligence channels. he says in his statement today that there was no effort to create a real back channel. if this was all about syria. they needed to talk to one
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another. >> sandra: and they did not have the proper communication establish a broad trump headquarters. >> steve: and that that was not the place to do it. >> kennedy: why is sergey kislyak so problematic? is he a spy in the country? >> steve: most people believe that he has a dual hatted perso person. >> sandra: a very diplomatic phrase. >> steve: you actually wear two different hats. we can see what he is wearing at a time. i think he is regarded as certainly somebody who has, i don't know if he runs assets here in the united's dates. but part of the conversation in russia with respect to what they are doing. >> sandra: we are waiting for jared kushner to speak at the white house following the closed-door meeting with the senate intelligence committee. before that meeting took place, trish, we had kushner's team released a statement denying and inclusion. only four contacts during the
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campaign and transition. period to something else we heard was anthony scaramucci, the new white house communications chief saying he is confident that kushner will be cleared. but still, we are awaiting those comments to hear from him will be very interesting. >> trish: this is a very important step that he has taken prior to "the wall street journal" had a terrific op-ed on this, they said, look, any association anyone within the trump administration should come clean. if you had a white russian at a bar, basically, you better come clean on that. and that is an important thing to do. he needs to do that right now. and when you look at this, i realize that there are still going to be critics out there. i'm curious to see what you say about this, stephen. but one of the reasons he is saying he did not release the information regarding the four meeting spread he did not release any information with any international contacts at all. only domestic. that was a mistake, and error. his assistant sent through the
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wrong form. they backtracked to the next day to correct it. but i think that it leads to a lot of suspicion. so to get out in front of this right now, any contact that they have had with any russians, you might as well just let it all hang out there. and be very, very upfront in your disclosure. >> sandra: we know of russian collusion, probably topics that were included in the conversation in the exchange of information. what do you think that questioning was like from lawmakers in the room? >> steve: you can imagine that democrats were probably very aggressive with him. trying to find information -- >> sandra: how does it change things that this is behind closed doors rather than a public? >> kennedy: not as much showboating. >> steve: you would think that senators would not be grandstanding as much. but they are senators. probably behind the scenes because they did not know what to do. >> kennedy: i would like to see more transparency. open to the public so that we can get information as well.
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the one good thing is that they are not doing that kind of showboating that we are alluding to when making it about them. i think it is important for both parties and people in this country to get a straight answer. i guess it is like when you buy a house. when you are selling a house, you stage it. wanted to look as beautiful as possible, you borrow throw pillars. but then when you actually sell the house, then you have to disclose everything that is wrong with it. you cannot disclose the fact that you have ants, termite damage, and a burst pipe. >> steve: was today that throw pillow? >> kennedy: we are passed out. >> steve: i think that makes sense. >> harris: for the american public that is not house hunting, they are looking for health care, tax or wrong, a lot of things. what is at stake today? how do you get this off the front page and move on to the next thing for the american public? >> steve: i think that churches point is a good point. the op-ed was thursday.
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and this is something that we have been encouraging since the very beginning of the administration on both sides. people who were concerned about unmasking and people on the trump side. >> sandra: defenders of the president are saying you are going to ask a lot more, get it all out there. >> steve: data is only problematic if it is dirty laundry, right? >> harris: it doesn't seem to matter with the administration whether it is dirty laundry or not. it seems like some of the media is so hungry to find anything that is less about how dirty it is and more about how salacious they can make it. >> steve: i think there is that impulse in the mainstream media broadly, but part of the debate is about whether it is dirty or not. all of these trailers to disclose seemingly weird explanations for why things have happened. my assistant hit send too early. i did not read the email that
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would be problematic. one after another. at a certain point you stop and say, look, i'm willing to suggest that this is incompetence, naivete, whatever you want to say. but at a certain point you have the data points that led add up one after another. and it probably was a series of things. but it is important. having said that -- >> sandra: but when do you stand? >> steve: it is important for reporters to not jump in front of the evidence. >> harris: if we are going to do it for what we are doing for for the trump administration, can we look back? i'm looking at the older "new york times," and by older i mean 2016, this is from this year. it is a look at sergey kislyak. in the headline is "russian envoy powerful in the united states." >> sandra: we are talking about the closed-door questioning of jared kushner, but something that was sent out by the new communications director with anthony
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scaramucci, tweeted out a few moments ago, tv cameras are back on. he does not specify what he means by that, by the cameras have been off at the crossbreeding ends. so this is leading us to believe that perhaps those are going to go back on camera with him in charge of communications out of the white house. updates from the white house will obviously be big news, and could go back on camera. a significant development? >> steve: i don't know how significant it is, but it is a nice gesture. at the white house core will appreciate it. there is a balance between doing with the trump administration has done and taking on the washington press corps. in many cases not justified, but overdue. and then antagonizing the washington press corps. they have aired on the side of antagonizing, and when it is not necessary or advancing your case. take them on reported by reporter when they do bad stories.
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as harris says, when they report something wrong, take them out. ascended to the editor and try to get it corrected. push it again and again and again. fighting and trying to brand everybody has fake news, certainly makes the president -- >> harris: maybe it is an indication, i'm not working at any other newsroom than the one i have been in, and i have worked in this business for a long time, and i know that there is media bias out there. it may not be as widespread as peanut butter as you are just saying, but it is out there as a flavor. so may be may be the push back, calling this fake news, maybe it is because you feel like you are inundated. where do you punch? if you are the white house, where do you punch? >> steve: i won't bore you with all the details of the story, but i have been concerned about media bias since 1988 as a junior in high school i gave my first speech on the forensics team about media bias, and i followed it and tracked it. it is a huge problem. i think you are much better off doing surgical strikes than trying to discredit the media. >> sandra: very rare to find
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your passion at such a young age. >> steve: some people have sports" things, -- >> sandra: do you get the white house credit as we are waiting. kushner to step in front of cameras, make a public statement possibly answer questions, in the 12:00 hour, do you give credit to the white house for actually providing that transparency? considering he does not have to do that? >> steve: i think they have played both sides on the transparency card. doing things like that. president trump has kept tweeting. they have provided information that makes their lawyers nervous when they provided publicly. on the other hand, they have to be compelled to do this. this came after a series of news reports about failures to disclose or contradictory statements that have come from the white house. the same with donald trump, jr. he put out as emails, but only because "the new york times" at the emails and said they were going to put them out. >> kennedy: when we get
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another 75 minute press conference from the president? >> harris: anthony scaramucci took a question on friday, will we see the president step up to the white house press briefing, and he said, you know what, i'm going to ask him. if that is a possibility. it would be interesting to have it right there in the room. >> kennedy: especially when they weren't anticipating it. >> harris: jared kushner was reportedly very upset with people behind the scenes would not fight harder against a narrative that was building like a drum beat in the woods, russia, russia, russia, and part of what we have heard from donald trump, jr., was that the meetings that he took with russian lawyers at a time when russia was not on the front page. we have seen such a build. jared kushner wanted to pushback. what do you make of the timing of anthony scaramucci previous to the weekend and him behind closed doors? now you have the president who has a team that is going to fight. scaramucci is not going to be a wallflower in the back of the room. >> steve: it will be interesting to watch her play
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out, because on the one hand to hurt him in the press conference and over the weekend that he wants to de-escalate and doing things like opening -- >> harris: you mean with the media? i mean the investigation and everything else. >> steve: yes, i mean, if they want to fight, you will have to -- if you are advising the white house coming you hope that they have grounds to fight on. one of the problems with her posture over the past six months, every inclination is there to fight, and to be new revelation. >> kennedy: here's what i will say about anthony scaramucci, he is very analytical. he has a good grasp on how things really work and how things need to work differently. he is probably if not the best one, one of the best people to explain the president's policies. he is very good at that. also good at anticipating some of the counter arguments. he has talked about leakers. i know that we are going to talk a little bit later in the show. and things like human flex
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skill, but he is also very diplomatic. he uses that knowledge with diplomacy effectively. we will see if that can really get some traction, make some purchase and change some of the communications normals we have seen from the administration. >> trish: he does seem that he is in a different league than anybody at the podium. sean spicer is a nice guy. but did not seem in his element. anthony scaramucci got up there, totally at home. >> harris: he also has a different relationship with the president. how many times did you hear sean spicer say, i love this president? those are words by anthony scaramucci. sandra, i am looking at the picture right now. everybody is focused in on where they think jared kushner is going to walk out. i can only imagine what the morning has been like for jared kushner. an off the record meeting with us and it ends how to explain privately now what went on with the meetings and why he chose to disclose and not to do so on and so forth.
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>> sandra: a big day. a big couple of days, a big week for the white house but we are waiting jared kushner to speak on the white house, we are told sometime within the hour following the closed door questioning from congress. we are awaiting those words. will you take questions? we don't know. but we will bring that to you live on "outnumbered" when it happens. we will be right back. ♪ this is joanne.
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♪ >> harris: we are awaiting a significant moment on capitol hill where senior advisor to president trump, jared kushner, his son-in-law as we all know him, expected to leave capitol hill after giving testimony before privately the senate intelligence committee. anticipating that he will go to the white house where he is said to step up to the microphone and make a statement about his meeting today. at the question, we have been talking about what types of meetings and with whom he might have met among russian officials, so he is being asked about that on the record today, but in a private behind closed doors meeting. as toured kushner steps up to the microphone we will bring it to live. one of the things cooking around on capitol hill as we are waiting to seeing what they will vote on in relation to health care. president trump set to speak later on health care. also meeting with what the white house calls obamacare
9:21 am
victims. after the president turned up the heat on g.o.p. leaders by tweeting this. the senate is expected to vote this week on a g.o.p. health care bill. but unclear if that will be repealed only, repeal and replace, what it will look like. so how does the senate move forward at this point. senator says that is up to the majority leader. watch. speak with that as a judgment that senator mcconnell will make some point this week before the votes. depending on how the discussions go. at one point or the other, we have to get on the bill. and the leader will make that decision at some point whether that is repealed, repeal and replace. i hope it is repeal and replace. which camp you are in, you cannot have a debate about either unless we get on the bill. we need a "yes" vote. that's the only way to change. >> harris: around and around waco. one of the holdouts not happy
9:22 am
about the uncertainty around the legislation. >> we don't know whether we will be voting on the house bill, the first version of the senate bill, the second version of the senate bill, a new version, or the 2015 bill that would have for repealed the affordable care act now, and said that somehow we will figure out a replacement over the next two years. i don't think that is a good approach. especially to pacing legislation that affects millions of people and won six of the economy. >> harris: my brain hurts after that. another holdouts, senator rand paul says he will only support a claim repeal. you are laughing at what i said. but it does. it gives me a brain cramp, i guess if you want to use the excuse, we are not going to do anything good to talk in circles as much as you are walking in circles. >> steve: that is basically what they are doing. rand paul saying he will only vote in favor of dale repeal only, went back inside, we cannot do repeal only. we have to do repeal and replace
9:23 am
together. after the meeting he tweeted outcome i met with president trump. he will do repeal and replace together. that had not been the plan that the house leadership pad. starting in november, they wanted to do repeal, delay, replace. >> harris: but you cannot disagree that president obama at the home, and this group of republicans on the hill said, oh, you know, i think we can do repeal, knowing full weel that they would veto it. >> kennedy: it is super easy task the prom queen on the date when you know she is going to say no. but what if she says yes and you have to take her out to dinner? you're going to pony up for the steak? and my biggest problem -- >> harris: there is always food in every single example that you give. >> kennedy: except for the termites in the house, i don't recommend that you eat them. >> harris: all right, jared kushner going down the hill as
9:24 am
capitol hill, coming down the hall, i should say. escorted as we see. he is on the way now after leaving the senate intel committee meeting where he gave on the record, but private testimony before the senator's is now headed to the white house. we have not been given any notes on what he might say. but we do anticipate that he will speak somewhat about today's meeting as he heads to the white house to do that. >> kennedy: he appears to be smiling. >> harris: why not? stephen, you said this before. you get on the record and you will hold the narrative a little bit more. you hit the questions that are there. this is not a public spectacle in the meeting, he can say what he wants in the statement, you move on? >> steve: and if everything that he testified to is the statement that he put out this morning, which is basically the broad explanation of the contacts with the russians and why he did not disclose them, how they are not problematic, if that is the truth, then he should be smiling. he can say, look, i understand
9:25 am
why it looked so spacious, but there is really nothing there. if on the other hand there is not, he is smiling. forcing a smile because he is afraid. >> sandra: that was probably an intense round of questioning he just received. his head was held up high. a smiling from ear to ear. maybe that was forced, but certainly he was able to muster one even if it was an intense frown. >> trish: think of the target on his back right now. there is a whole crew of people who do not like him or his wife. field he has too much influence with the president. and externally, a ton of reporters who are trying to solve for an occasion, a crime that they believe have been. they want to pin it on him. so he is in a very difficult and delicate spot. >> harris: you know what i notice he is not doing today, and we have believed that one of the things jared kushner would do is go to israel and broker the israeli-palestinian peace
9:26 am
deal. we are sending an envoy today to israel per the administration to try to get some sort of peace after all of the violence and death that has happened in recent days between the palestinians and the israelis. many israeli citizens killed. >> sandra: look at the drop that jared kushner was called to do and the job that he is not doing because he is testifying on capitol hill. >> kennedy: it is a much more fluid situation. the fluid tragedy sort of overrides a good will that the administration has towards crafting some sort of peace between palestine and israel, but it is interesting because they are taking such a different approach. and we really have not seen publicly what jared kushner's philosophy is over there. and how his influence might take hold. and i think with all that is going on right now in his personal and professional life domestically and what is happening in israel, it is not a
9:27 am
good time. as the president has redirected and sort of healed some of the chasms in this country by going overseas. it looks like jared kushner, to your point will not have the same opportunity in israel. >> harris: the objects have changed, we are leaving capitol hill because jared kushner is leaving capitol hill. and headed here to the sticks outside the white house. the microphones, many people who come out of the white house will step up and give a statement, sometimes they take questions. we are not led to believe that this will be more than a statement. but we will stay on it by jared kushner. stephen, i know that people have speechwriters for all different facets in life within politics. is this a statement you write yourself? will this be a lawyer arise, what do you anticipate? >> steve: i certainly think that it will be loyal rise. his lawyer is a well thought of criminal defense lawyer, and -- >> harris: so this is an on the record type of thing? >> steve: yes, a shorter version of what we heard from
9:28 am
him earlier today. >> kennedy: what does he have to say to move the story forward in a positive direction for him? >> steve: if he can give people a shorter version of what he said before. if he answers questions in such a way -- >> harris: directly? >> steve: showing him to be direct, authoritative, the understanding of the narrative will help him. with his critics are going to point to is to say that all of the meanings that he's had happened, the four meetings, the four contacts that have happened in the past that he did not recall in disclose, he now has lots of information about them. if the statement he put out today was very thorough. it had detailed information in them. and i think people will point to the tension. >> sandra: as we await jared kushner's arrival at the white house. behind a closed door questioning, he is making his way to the white house. let's get the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge, she was there today. she has possibly a little bit of
9:29 am
a look at what we can expect as we await a statement from jared kushner. >> okay, so, yes, thank you, sandra. jared kushner arrived here on the senate side of capitol hill about an hour and 45 minutes ago. we were out at the c street entrance, some questions to him as he arrived with his attorney. he did not take the questions. he smiled and waved for reporters. he then went to the senate office, if you will, not the committee hearing room. and he met with senate staffers on both sides of the aisle to answer the questions. there has been a lot of discussion this morning about why this was not under oath, by the senate staffer advising to me that lying to congress is lying to congress. regardless of whether you are under oath or not. they described this as sort of a back binding discussion. they wanted to try to clarify the statement that he has provided for the record. and the specifics of the meetings that he had with the russians, which he has said not
9:30 am
of any consequence. and no coordination with the russians the campaign. he just left here a few minutes ago smiling, he did not take questions again. we now understand that he is heading to the white house. but we do not anticipate that this is really the first and last appearance of jared kushner on capitol hill. we know that he is coming tomorrow to speak to members of the house intelligence committee that is running its own russia investigation. auntie liked day, is also going to be behind closed doors. but he is giving people a lot to consider about the lengthy 11 page statement. outlining what were his contacts and making the argument that he is trying to be cooperative and that he felt there was nothing nefarious about the contact over the past year. >> sandra: all right, harris, would you like to jump in with a question? smooth and i'm curious in your
9:31 am
years of experience if there has been reportedly much of a difference between handing someone and 11 page statement, going into closed-door session versus public and testifying publicly? >> well, what i would say from my experience is that it is very standard for a very important witness, and i think we can all agree that jared kushner is an important investigation, having an initial contact or meeting with senate staffers. we were told that there might be senators in the meeting this morning, but primarily staffers from the democratic side as well as the republican side. trying to flush out the information. they are trying to figure out what the questions would be if they go forward with another round of questioning or in the end if they ask for a public hearing on the matter. so that of itself is not unusual. i think folks at home understand that the public hearing watched
9:32 am
by millions of people, probably in this case someone like the fbi director would be something of just a different degree of pressure, right? he meant behind closed doors today. but that is not that unusual in a case like that to have the initial contact or initial appearance. >> harris: thank you so much. i think people wonder about the politics. when you go behind closed doors, can you do away with that and get to the questions and answers? >> trish: speaking to the politics of it, it is trish, how much do you think is related, he is the son-in-law of the president and therefore has a lot of influence with the overall office, if you compare that with just an advisor, would he be under the gun in such a way that we now see? >> i don't want to offer speculation to people at home, you just simply have to read the 11 page statement coming auntie outlines in great detail the contacts that he says he had
9:33 am
with the officials linked or representing the russian government, and he makes his argument as to why he believes that that contacts are not nefarious. simply by virtue of the fact that he was a central participant in the trunk campaign makes his statement about those meetings very significant regardless of his connection to the funk of trump. i would encourage people at home to go to and read the entire 11 pages for themselves. then they can make up their own mind if they feel find the rational believable or whether it requires further explanation. >> sandra: some comprehensive reporting. quick question, how does today's closed-door session influenced some of the questions that the intelligence committee will ask also behind closed doors of donald trump, jr., and paul manafort? >> just repeat the first part, there is a lot of break up because there are a lot of reporters right here.
9:34 am
>> kennedy: it's probably because i have at&t. how does today's questioning with the senate intelligence committee influence of some of the questioning we will not be privy to you later in the week between the committee, paul manafort and donald trump, jr.? >> what i would say on that point, i want to stick to the facts, the congressional committee is launching an independent investigation of their own lane. i would not expect that members of the senate committee would share information with senate judiciary or house intelligence. the person they are dealing with is special counsel robert mueller and their counsel. sharing information about the council, but i would leave the door open at this point. this is not a very typical story. i guess i could say that.
9:35 am
>> harris: catherine herridge, we will come back to you as a news warrants. we are waiting jared kushner to step up. i want to come to you, stephen on this. the dnc, the deputy chairperson, communications director is on the record responding to all of this with a pretty blistering, i guess a boilerplate in terms of how anti-at the white house that they are shown to be on the issue of russia, but once again the trump team is trying to redefine transparency as disclosing information after you are caught lying. this is the dnc saying this on the record in response to jared kushner talking with the senate intel today. >> steve: you would expect that from the dnc. that's what they are paid to do is take shots. and then as a partisan environment, they can be expected to do that. i think the transparency case that they make more broadly as a fair critique of the white house as we discussed earlier.
9:36 am
if you are disclosing information after and not provided earlier and been reported on. it is a hard transparency case to make. having said that, the thing that i am most interested in, would most like to know that we do not for now, what are the conversations like between jared kushner, paul manafort and his attorney with respect to talking in forms like this? >> harris: because you are talking coming you don't even know what's robert mueller has. when you have people step up to the microphone, it does make people really nervous, because you are thinking, well, if you get on the record was something outside the 11 page statement, we do not have a heads up on that. we do not know what the fbi director has. >> steve: there are ways that political opponents will point out discrepancies in what you say. this is one advanced to jared kushner doing this behind the scenes, because presumably the lease or descriptions of what he says as opposed to donald trump, jr., was sean hannity when he said, i
9:37 am
told you everything there is to know about this. and then for the next four days -- >> kennedy: what do we know about manafort and his attorneys with the white house? obviously donald trump, jr., and jared kushner are going to have a much closer level of coordination with the president and the president's attorney, but what about paul manafort? a curious relationship, certainly not on the inside. >> steve: no, it is. he had relationships with people and what we broadly understand as trump world after the campaign, and was seen talking to people as disclosed as talking to people. we don't know what he is talking about. there was a report over the weekend that bob mueller's team is trying to flip paul manafort, make him one of their witnesses. we don't know if that is gone anywhere. we see reports about michael flynn and others. >> trish: the million-dollar question, if there is anything there? so we have been around a story now.
9:38 am
and i find it incredibly frustrating because as a reporter, it is like, what are you going on here? just a bunch of innuendo. and well, okay, so they had a meeting, what does that mean? if you look at it at the merits, the one thing that the left has right now is what you are saying, stephen. the lack of disclosure. just come out, be clean. you do not have anything to worry about if you do not have anything to worry about! >> steve: to go back to "the wall street journal" event that you mentioned earlier, the assumption behind that was that there is nothing at all that could get them in trouble, disclose at all, get it out, you can move on. the flip side is a way that reporters have approached list which is that there is a big conspiracy theory. we need to get to the bottom of that. we are better off waiting for the facts to come out and talk about the facts as they come out. i would say it is more than just a disclosure question that is raised. issues for reporters chasing the story, it is that when some of
9:39 am
the stories have been, they contradict what we have been told. so there are differences impact that the white house, the administration have portrayed or sometimes omissions, errors of omission like the donald trump, remember, his first statement on saturday -- >> sandra: the coverall? >> steve: if you know that you're going to disclose what happened in the meeting on june 9th, if it was about nothing, and was not a big deal, why would you come out and say, this was a meeting, but we just talked about adoption? how much have we learned about the meeting sends, makes it look like he has something to cover up. >> harris: the complicated and complicating factor of adoption being russia's response to the russian official response to sanctions put on them. so innocently, yes, about children caught up in an adoption stoppage, if you will, but the stoppage was about sanctions. that puts the spotlight back on that conversation and the content of the conversation. was that okay for them to be talking about and not disclose
9:40 am
that in more detail? not just let it happen, but subject lee. >> kennedy: and very quickly, in the statement that jared kushner released to the intelligence committee. he is one that said, offering his brother-in-law a little bit of cover. a sane, i stepped into the meeting. they were talking about adoption. >> harris: thinking nothing of it, they are not done the whole circle of information, well, that falls within the grounds of sanctions. that is our campaign, and it was a fast and furious moments of that. they were trying to get the father-in-law elected. >> steve: he did say one thing that would seem to shore up the descriptions of the meeting that we have heard from donald trump, jr., in the various russians who were participants. because i have come out and said, this is a meeting that did not go anywhere. not much dirt pass. and jared kushner says, look, i text or email my assistant to have me pulled out of the meeting so that i could say that i was busy. which is consistent on a very
9:41 am
narrow basis with what the story had been. >> harris: brought in this out a little bit, the american people have the russia story not going anywhere, they lose interest, wire was still talking about this? and here we are awaiting the comment from jared kushner after he comes out of questioning from lawmakers on russia. fraud in this out, what is that doing to the administration to do their job and commit to their agenda? >> steve: it has a significant effect. to the president is spending a lot of his time inking about it. he talks about it and tweets about it. as harris suggested with respect to israel, this is not just that you see jared kushner who was supposed to be part of the portfolio not focused on that and focused on russia, you have over the weekend a state department issue, statement seem to be be at all heads at what the president said about the approach to the issues, blaming violence on
9:42 am
poverty and settlements and things that we are not at all consistent with what the president had said in his speeches about this issue during the campaign. so, you have the policy sort of heading off on its own in one direction -- >> harris: would you say it is drifting? >> steve: that is maybe the best way to say it. if you believe that this is going to be jared kushner's portfolio, and he is not doing it, the state department is doing with the state department does. >> kennedy: they also say that they are woefully understaffed, as armed many aspects. i don't agree with us, the limited government libertarian, a lot of freedom there. that's what you are going to get it. but having said that, there aren't a lot of people to respond to things like this. and it is much easier to go adrift when someone is off message, when someone is distracted. so you have combination of a ghost chip, and someone who whs completely taken off their post. >> harris: you know, this
9:43 am
could be put right back on the tracks if jared kushner walks, and he has to do this now with the house intel. as catherine herridge was explaining. if tomorrow as well. maybe mid-late week, he could depending on how he has answered the question and what happens in the committee hearings, he could walk away and go do what he needs to do with regard to what is really an exploding situation in israel right now. we are sending an envoy. >> trish: i would love to believe that that could happen, harass, but my concern is regardless of what is not theree media and political opponents, if you would are not going to let it go. they are going to stay on this an end staleness, keep digging, keep digging. and one major distraction. he makes a very difficult for us to see anything in the way of meaningful economic reforms. repeal and replace. >> kennedy: the president tweeting, thinking lou dobbs, he says the supreme court, regulation cutting, jobs,
9:44 am
border. all you said true, we have to leave it there for right now. we are awaiting comments from jared kushner, just out of the closed door. meeting with lawmakers. we will go to that when we get it. otherwise we will be right back after the commercial break. "outnumbered." ♪
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originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> harris: senior white house advisor to the president jared kushner is expected to step up and gave a statement after meeting privately with the senate intel committee today. we have never been given a lot of detail on what he might be saying. we know topically what it will be, but now we are getting some little details on when this will happen. because we have been kind of perched here waiting for it. we are told that it has been delayed for a bit. as it happens here live on fox news channel, we will bring it to you. we will remain on the screen just in case something pops with all of this, but jared kushner, we know he left capitol hill. we showed you that video earlier. we have been waiting for him to come out to the microphones
9:49 am
outside the white house. we have now been told that that has been delayed. now in the bottom right of your screen, just a few moments ago when he was leaving capitol hill, and we know where he is going on the left side of the screen. as it happens, we will bring it to life. stephen hayes, what do you think is happening right now in terms of refocusing behind the scenes? you have anthony scaramucci coming on in august as your communications director. sean spicer exiting at that point. you have sarah huckabee sanders taking over. days like today, a unified message, does it take -- make it easier for the president? >> steve: often times when there is a unified message, it is beneficial for the president. but he is the one who wants to change topics. he does that with his tweets. anthony scaramucci gave a good briefing and came out, the reporters like hearing from them. he will be able to do his job well if he can get the president on message. that remains the big question.
9:50 am
>> harris: one message today is jared kushner. >> trish: and i think that scaramucci has a good shot at being able to communicate with the president so when he goes out there and faces all the reporters, they are asking him all of these questions about jared kushner and whatever jared kushner says today, he will at least have had a dialogue, a conversation with president trump. and i think in that way he differs significantly from some awfully manic sean spicer who did not have that rapport with the president. spewing going down the line of questioning, because what we have seen with past white house is, not just this administration, but a day like today when somebody is prominent in your staff getting ready to talk on something as big as the russia investigation, you had to assume that maybe there is some discussion going on behind the scenes. what is that statement going to look like, how does this further expose the white house? >> kennedy: they have to do a number of things right now, stop the bleeding, focus the message. put jared kushner in a positive
9:51 am
light and allow him to do that without creating more problems for donald trump, jr., when he testifies in a couple of days. >> harris: do you cut him loose? >> steve: i don't think it is an option to cut him loose. he is married to ivanka. >> harris: i mean from the job. >> steve: oh, okay. trust. >> harris: awkward. >> sandra: we will continue to talk about that, we expect to hear him as 1:15 that he will be stepping outside. we will bring those remarks to you when they happen. meanwhile, new white house communications director anthony scaramucci says he is ready to take drastic action to stop leaks to the press out of the west wing. seeing that he plans to hold an all staff meeting today where he would have this morning on what would happen to any leakers on his watch. speaking of hiring people, listen. >> they are going to get fired. i will make it very, very clear.
9:52 am
tomorrow i'm going to have a staff meeting, a very binary thing. i'm not going to make any prejudgments about anybody on that staff. if they want to stay on the staff, they are going to stop leaking. if the leaks continued, we are as strong as our weak link. and i will say it differently and enough ponds, where as strongest as our week leak. so make a decision as a team that you are going to stop leaking, if you keep leaking, i'm going to fire everybody. >> sandra: what do you make of that strategy? >> steve: if you are in the white house and you think that that has been the primary problem right now, he seems to have made it clear that he wants to stop it. i would argue that that is not a primary communications problem. the bigger problem is the stuff that president trump says, takes him off message or has them sending several different messages. >> sandra: but the president says that the leaks are a major problem for the white house, is this the way to go? >> trish: how can you proceed as normal when the place is
9:53 am
leaking like you said? i think it is completely distracting and causes reporters to go in another direction when you are trying to stay on message and granted, i hear you. he does not always do himself a lot of firs. but i think the reason he tweets so much is that he wants to talk to his face and keep them energized. but right now, they have to stop the leaking. and i think that anthony is doing exactly what he needs to do. you tell anyone, if you leak, you are outspread you are fired. end of story. >> kennedy: he is not going to focus on the president's tweets, because he cannot control it. obviously with melania moving into the white house, that she would be the one smacking his hand at 6:00 in the morning. but when he feels compared to men compelled to say something, he is to say something. you have to follow through. >> sandra: as parents we say to a kid that you go to your room without dinner, and he you do not do that, then they have
9:54 am
to learn that they can get away with her. >> harris: this is not something that the american public wanted to happen. it is ridiculous that it took this long period of the obama administration was going left and right after leakers. they were prosecuting and meaning it. to the punishments were fierce. so i wonder what has taken so long with all of this? this is national security. you know when anything leaking out of the white house. absolutely, for the first few weeks of the administration, i mean, the faucet was on. that is a problem for all of us as americans. >> steve: i would expect that the new fbi director would be very focused on leaks. it is clear that the president with respect to national security and the investigations has been concerned about it. but donald trump talks to reporters quite a bit. we can call them leaks, we might not, but if he is talking to reporters on background and sending different messages, hard to stop that leak. certainly anthony scaramucci is not going to be able to stop
9:55 am
that. >> harris: that's what kennedy was saying. this is an insidious nature. if the president wants to go on record, a tweet, whatever. he is the president of the united states. the people he has entrusted on our behalf in the white house and his administration, that is not okay. >> sandra: but what i am hearing from you, stephen, it should not be a priority. >> steve: as a reporter, i love the leaks. bring them to me. but if you want message discipline at the white house, the message discipline has to start at the top. just over the weekend, the example over the weekend, the presidente anthony scaramucci said that he spoke to the president in the president once again said that he did not think that russia was necessarily responsible for the hacking. that is a story that we have not been focused on for the past couple of weeks. he is trying to do repeal and replace, now we are talking about that in the context of jared kushner and his other things. >> sandra: speaking of jared kushner, awaiting words from the son-in-law to the president after meeting with lawmakers behind closed doors, taking
9:56 am
questions. he has left the capital, gone to the white house. we are expecting a statement at the very least outside the white house from jared kushner at 1:15 eastern time. we will bring it to live when that happens. we will be right back on
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> made thanks to stephen hayes for joining us. good to be here. >> keep it right here, because you are expecting a statement from us before outside the house after answering questions from
10:00 am
the senate intelligence committee. that could be big news. steger on the fox news channel. we are going to do "outnumbered" overtime. "happening now" right now. >> melissa: we are awaiting remarks from jared kushner at the white house. that is expected and just a minute. >> jon: that is after the son-in-law met with the senate intelligence committee investigators to answer questions about the russian meddling and the presidential election. we are covering all the news "happening now." >> we want to know several of the meetings that have taken place. >> jon: digging deep into the russia investigation. the son-in-law on capitol hill, do nine conclusion. while the committee by at? plus -- some time after dylan redwine vanished. the teenage was murdered and his father is under arrest. >> we are going to let our


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